theclockstillstrikes asked:

Thanks to your beautiful drawing, the Radiator Hospital shirt I picked up during their tour is my new favorite shirt. I'm glad to have discovered your comics too!


Aw thanks!

Check out Radiator Hospital, yall. You’ll like them.


New photoblog post! From one of my oldest friend’s wedding in Lake Tahoe a week ago. 

Lots more photos and commentary here:



After 5 1/2 years, The Ambulars are taking an indefinite hiatus. Thank you to all of our friends, family, and everyone that has supported us over the last half decade. We’ve been so lucky to play shows across the country with the friendliest folks, and to have had incredible communities in the…

If you’ve never listened to the Ambulars you should now because they were the best.


But I’m stoked for Jen and Mikey’s new projects.

Jen just worked on a record with a new band called Attendent, and Mikey has a solo project called The Goodbye Party, and will have an LP coming out on Salinas Records in a month or two.


Hey everyone! Please submit your October shows within the next week! By the 25th in order for it to go on the print calendar. This is also a good time to mention that if you submit your show, it WILL go on the calendar. DIYPHL is submissions based only! We don’t pick and choose what goes on, it…

PA Share maintenance night. So far, the PA Share has seen three broken mic stands, one blown speaker, one broken mic cable, a broken part to a speaker stand, and a shredded stands bag. Not bad at all considering how much this thing gets hauled around. The PA share has been at 68 different shows since February!

Copies of the book I illustrated earlier this year just came in the mail! I drew 50ish animals for the interior as well. Looks great! It comes out in early October with Zest Books.


Anonymous asked:

SO MUCH love for you and your comics and blog... is there another book in the works? (hope this isn't weird, haha :l ) xxx


Not currently, just planning to focus on drawing short comics for a while and regularly posting them online.


flewinto asked:

Sorry if you've answered this before, but do you plan on doing anything with Heavy Bangs in the future? Love the songs on your bandcamp!


Nope! Unfortunately two of our members moved to the West Coast so we are no more.

But keep an eye on Cynthia Schemmer. She has plans for a solo ep sometime coming up. Cynthiaschemmer.com!


As a going-away present for our roommate, the residents of Swoon City wrote and recorded some songs. Here is a fun song I wrote for Laura. Also featured on the recording are Ramsey Beyer, Tiff Cheng, Guy Tourrangeau, Sam Cook-Parrott, and even (unwittingly) Laura herself.

She’s great, we miss her.

Here’s a fun thing we did in my house. Mikey wrote this song for Laura and we all pitched in on it.