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lemonheadandlollipup asked:

Is it true that you studied experimental animation in college? What kinds of animations did you do? I'm really curious!!


It’s true! For the most part, animation is extremely technical and I was in a really new program (the year I started was the first year they offered it as a major at MICA, where I went to school) so I spent a good majority of my college experience just doing animation exercises. I think the teachers were sort of building the program as we went and I’m sure it’s really different now. But I didn’t mind at all, because I wasn’t invested in animation - I was just frustrated with fine art, so I chose it as a major sort of out a knee jerk reaction, and because I knew I would learn a lot of really new things, from sound editing to lighting to photography to illustration to storytelling to really technical computer programs. I was mostly interested in stop-motion animation.

I only made one animation that was actually a fully realized short, and that was my junior thesis project that I did when I was abroad in France. I was totally cramming together a lot of stuff that I was brand brand new at, and it was hard! My senior thesis project ended up being a total flop for some of those reasons (I spent the whole first semester building sets, and when I went to animate them second semester, I realized I had built them too small and fragile to actually work with and everything fell apart - and I didn’t have enough time to rebuild, so I used After Effects to animate it digitally and I had never done that before so I just was bad at it! But it was a great learning experience.)

I didn’t draw comics yet at this time. I actually started drawing comics after college, because I realized the storyboarding part of animation was the part I enjoyed most and the rest I could do without. It’s such a labor intensive medium! Comics are too, but don’t even compare to animation on that front. I couldn’t really illustrate for the life of me when I decided to be an animation major. I could just draw and paint from observation, very realistically (i.e. my pet portraits). When it came to making stuff up, it was really hard for me! I got better at drawing comics from making my zine, List, because it didn’t feel like my real ‘work’ so it didn’t matter if I was bad at it, and through doing several issues of List, my illustration skills got better without me even noticing it.

That’s what I love about comics. Coming up with a world that feels believable and consistent enough that you forget it isn’t realistic. That was a huge challenge for me to arrive at because I’m such a logic brain that doing something so stylized was much harder for me than just making it look like what I saw in real life - and I’m still working on it. Sometimes my comics “world” still isn’t as consistent and effortless as I would like. 

Long answer to a short/easy question. Sorry! 

Here’s my animation from my junior year- 2005! Holy cow, so long ago. http://youtu.be/pZlCFgIT1e4


A selection of the “awesome comics by awesome ladies” section of my library. #ladiesmakingcomics #comics #art #readallofthese #books #lizprince #juliawurtz #sarahglidden #alisonbechdel #corrinemucha #ramseybeyer #marjanesatrapi #leelacorman #lucyknisley #smutpeddler #friendsoflulu

Aw! I’m not worthy of such good company.

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This basically sums both of us up so succinctly - which Mikey is good at doing.

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So I got my best friend a portrait of a photo of us (at Sweet Moses!) for his birthday, drawn by one of our favorite comic book artists Ramsey Beyer :3
(( everydaypants.tumblr.com
everydaypants.com ))
Definitely check her work out. I became a fan sometime around the end of last year and I always find myself ordering a new book or zine from her. #everydaypants #ramseybeyer

Here’s a little commission I finished last week! Thanks Mary. 


New calendar day! Thanks to JP Flexner for creating August’s calendar art. Check out his work at http://jpflexnercreative.blogspot.com/

Go to www.diyphl.com which just had a ton of shows added. 

New calendar is out!


OK FEST is this weekend and we are playing tonight. There are so many awesome bands and friends playing, plus it’s benefiting Decarcerate PA.

Tonight! Come see my roommates and friends play good music. Also,  check out this sweet poster that Mikey made for the event. He makes cool design stuff. You can hire him to do cool design stuff. http://www.polyphonicdesign.com 

I don’t ACTually hate when Mikey burps. I’m a notorious belcher. But sometimes when he burps close to my face he will catch himself and try to blow it in a different direction which is just weird - but apparently effective, which I learned after this day.

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