New Radiator Hospital shirt for our tour! Drawn by the great Ramsey Beyer of @everydaypants and printed by our own Jeff Bolt of Soft Hand Printing and Stupid Bag Records.

Here’s a shirt I drew for Radiator Hospital! Get it on their upcoming US Tour.

Dates here:

I have this stack of paper that I’ve accumulated that I’ve erased on too many times while working on a commission (which need to be clean, finished products), or that I’ve accidentally splashed coffee on while working on something else, and those pieces of paper are reserved for drawing my personal comics on. I know that I’ll ultimately clean them up in photoshop and no one will see the original anyway, so I don’t care if the paper looks fresh or not (whereas commissions that are going to someone else I try to keep as clean as possible).

When someone discovers my boxes of original drawings, they’ll think I was nice and sloppy. But really I’ve just told myself that my drawings can’t be precious or it will be a barrier that prevents me from making work, and making work quickly.

Comic-a-day: Day 11 of 31

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New photoblog post! It’s been a couple weeks since I made one. Here’s a big post full of sad stuff involving two of my good friends moving way (and also DC Zine Fest, Grand Rapids Zine Fest, the beach, house dinner, going away party, etc!)

Lots more photos and commentary here:

Is there some job somewhere where I can just draw cartoon interiors all day and get paid for it? That’s what I like to do most.

An outtake for a reference photo for a comic. Thanks @guuey for indulging me with a weird angle photo shoot.

True story from a day-in-the-life. Here’s a piece of advice. When you contact someone to do work for you, don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether your money is worth having to deal with creepy subtext in your messages to them. >:I

Comic-a-day: Day 10 of 31

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Two of our swoon babies are moving out in the next week. So bummed! If you know Laura and Guy, come see them off tonight at their going away party at Swoon City.

This happens like once a week…

Comic-a-day: Day 9 of 31

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The above pages are Chapter 2 of my graphic memoir Tomboy, which will be released on September 2nd.  In addition to the preview zine (which was given out at comic conventions and book expos across the country this summer) I wanted to give folks who weren’t able to get one a sneak peek at the book.  This is a different chapter than was in the preview zine, so if you’ve got one of those as well, then you’ve been able to read TWO CHAPTERS of the book before anyone else!  Lucky ducks!

I hope you enjoy the pages, will share them with your friends and followers, and are looking forward to the day when you can get Tomboy at your favorite bookstore/comic shop!  (If you just can’t wait, you can preorder book directly from the publisher HERE).  I will be posting my book tour dates in support of Tomboy at the end of the week, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for sharing this preview. We’re so excited for September 2nd!

Yesssssss. Get so stoked for Liz’s new book. Read this preview chapter!