Hey y’all! Looking for submissions for the second issue of the nanny zine we put out last year. Please re-post/spread the word however you’d like! 


Collecting submissions for The Hand That Rocks The Cradle #2, 

a zine about nannying, made by nannies!

Do you have a horror story? A highlight? A list of things you’ve learned? Reflections on whether or not you want to be a parent now that you’ve been a nanny? An experience specific to being a POC/LGBTQ caretaker? 

Being a nanny is a tough, but rewarding job. It’s heartwrenching, aggravating, awkward, hilarious, sweet, and very personal - it’s a job unlike many others. We all have a lot to say when we get together. Let’s put it all into a zine. 

Any and all contributions are appreciated. We’d like to get as many perspectives as possible. Feel free to compose your submissions vaguely or submit anonymously for yours or your nanny family’s protection. We’re looking for variety - writing, comics, art, etc. All are fair game.

This will be a half-sized zine, so please submit all contributions at 300dpi, 5.5x8.5 or leave the formatting up to us. 

Deadline: June 16th - to debut the zine at the Philly Feminist Zine Fest (June 28)

Submit all contributions to: nannyzine@gmail.com”

Get in your submissions this week and we will still try to get it done in time for philly feminist zine fest! If you’re working on something, please email us and we can save pages for you in layout.


Sweet babies dancing to ambulars songs that are older than them.

Stay golden.

Sometimes I put on my friends’ bands to see if my babies will like them. The Ambulars are a hit.


Head’s up, y’all. This is the type of thing we mean in our mission statement when we say “We do our best to exclude events with bands, performers, and venues that promote, condone, or willfully ignore racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any form of malicious exclusion or…



Hey Friends!

I created a Facebook page for my graphic memoir Tomboy, which is coming out from Zest Books on September 2nd.  I have conflicting feelings about making a promotional page for a book, especially because I’ve been actively trying to LESSEN my social media usage, not increase it, but in the crazy, internet driven world, it seemed like I might as well try it!  

Please go LIKE the page, because the more LIKES it has, the better it looks, and this is all just an ego game, isn’t it?  There’s not much on there yet, but as the release date gets closer, there will be all kinds of goodies.  And, this is especially helpful to those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook already: you can hear about the book without having to see pictures of my cats (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to see pictures of my cats, they are super cute)!  

I am extraordinarily fortunate to have Liz P as a friend, and an extra super lucky duck to have gotten to read her first penciled draft of this book. I am so super confident that it will help Liz conquer the world. If you’ve been following her work for a long time, this is some next level shit. I can’t wait for it to be on my shelf. Go support on the facebook, dudes! 

Send me a message if you want to be lj friends. 100% serious. I only post once every few months but would post more if I still had more active friends. I know some of you are out there. I’ll only add you if you identify yourself in your message! 

(also just realized this was my 2000th post. it somehow seems fitting that my 2000th tumblr post was about livejournal because lj is everything tumblr isn’t and I miss it)

Mikey’s learning the lap steel. Sounds so dreamy.

Philly! Room available at my friends’ house for July 1. Jump on it. 

CAT FRAT in west philly right off baltimore ave is lookin to fill a room for JULY 1ST! right by trolleys, close to clark park, short walk to hipcityveg and other good eats! washer & dryer included, new gas heater, sweet balcony for porch hangs, a fire pit in the back, a cute front lawn & a humongous DVD collection for movie nights. our basement is show/practice-ready so someone who is okay with the occasional loud music preferred. also be cool with living with 7 other people — tho with 3 floors and 3 full bathrooms it doesn’t feel like that many people.

ladies, queers, poc preferred but honestly any rad person should feel free to inquire! not trynna have more couples or pets unfortunately. rent is $430!

e-mail smergio@gmail.com if you need any more info or would like to set up a time this week to meet.

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Anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for dealing with dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs? Did you take Rover to classes? My pup is fine if she can smell other dogs, but if they're far away she barks and gets really upset.


I couldn’t take Rover to classes because 1. he couldn’t do group classes obviously because he was aggressive toward other dogs and 2. private training was too expensive for me at the time because I got him when I was 21 and in my senior year of college.

When I got Rover, the shelter didn’t warn me that he was aggressive toward other animals, very protective of food/toys, and showed obvious signs of anxiety and past abuse. They sort of just handed over the keys and let me go for it - which I think is a really terrible thing for a shelter to do, obviously. I got him home and was at a total loss for what to do when he tore apart the house every time I left, had accidents when I left, and pulled me down the street trying to get to another dog to attack it any time we saw one. When I was home, he was a timid but loving guy. He would listen really well but needed a lot of space of his own. I could tell he wanted to please me. But if anyone approached him too quickly, startled him, raised their voice near him, came near him with a sticklike object (like a broom), if a man/taller person cowered over him, or if he was left home alone for any length of time, he quickly turned into a frantic and unpredictable mess. Basically I had to start from scratch with him in terms of building up his self-confidence - all while working on my senior thesis in school. It was not easy.

Here’s what I did. Novel below.

I have to say - nearly every time the PA Share PA gets returned after being checked out for a show - it comes back in impeccable order. This system wouldn’t work if it was any other way and it rules that we don’t even have to ask. People just get it.