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—This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies)


Last night, I recorded a version of “This Will Be Our Year” by The Zombies to cassette tape. All in all, 2013 was pretty good. 2014 will be better. Happy New Year.

So simple and good. This song is a gem and Mikey always does justice to the gems.


Hello Lizbians,

It’s that time of the year again, for my annual birthday request. The best gift you could give me for my birthday is to share my comics with friends who you think would enjoy them as much as you do. As an artist, the only external gratification I get is that people (sometimes) like my work! This year is a little different, because in February my first new Top Shelf book in 5 years will be available in comic shops and bookstores! Alone Forever: The Singles Collection is a compendium of all the Alone Forever strips from my website, as well as new material never available anywhere else.

 Here’s where you come in: If you’ve enjoyed the comics series that I’ve been posting online since 2010, please consider buying the book!

1. Pre-order is available from Top Shelf Productions.  Ordering the book online from Top Shelf puts the money directly into my publishers hands, which is better than siphoning it through a conglomerate like Amazon.

2. Actually requesting the book from your local comic shop or independent book store.  This method is probably my favorite, because it supports a local business, my publisher, and myself.  The more people that request the book from an actual storefront, the more copies that might get ordered for the shelf, that way a browser can discover the book and enjoy it just as much as you!

3. Just reblogging your favorite Liz Prince comic, and pointing people towards my website.  Who knows, maybe you’ll gain me a lifelong reader, and for that I’d be eternally grateful!

Thanks for supporting me through another awesome year of drawing comics.  Seriously, if it weren’t for you readers, I wouldn’t exist!

It’s Liz’s birthday!! For her birthday, pre-order her new book, which will be out around valentines day. She deserves all or your support, as an honest, hardworking and humble comic artist who does it all right. She’s been a huge resource to me as I’ve gotten further into the world of comics and I’m really thankful for her support and insight.

(Source: lizprincepower.com)

Happy Holly-days from Swoon City, Class of 2014. 
Our new roommie is Radiator Hospital superstar Sam Cook-Parrott. Look for albums to drop left and right from Swoon City in 2014. 

Happy Holly-days from Swoon City, Class of 2014. 

Our new roommie is Radiator Hospital superstar Sam Cook-Parrott. Look for albums to drop left and right from Swoon City in 2014. 

Rover grew out his hair

Rover grew out his hair

Anonymous asked: could you talk about your experience with nanny shares a little? I am interviewing for a couple and don't have any experience with them, though I do have a ton of other nanny experience. What is different, what should I keep in mind? What should I expect as far as compensation? Do they both pay me or is it a combined total?

I like doing nanny shares a lot because it’s a way to get a livable wage without having to only work for the wealthiest families. 

You raise your own price because you take on the hassle/coordination of working with two different families (having twice as many bosses/opinions to answer to, two different family styles of parenting, and of course just having two kids at once is a lot more work than having only one or even having two siblings that are used to being around each other all the time). 

So basically, I charge $18/hr for a nanny share, and that means each family is paying $9/hr for their portion - which is cheaper than they would normally be able to find a nanny for just their own child in Philadelphia (the average being $13/hr for one child in Philly). 

Of course, prices are different around the country and in rural vs. urban areas, and you should price what is normal or expected in your area. Since you’re anonymous I’m not sure if you’re someone I know in Philly or someone elsewhere.

Each family pays me at the end of the week for my hourly rate of $9/hr. So I get two lumps of cash. 

I’ve had nanny shares work flawlessly and I’ve had them be significantly harder than other nanny gigs. I won’t take on nanny shares unless I feel communication will be spot on between families and I don’t get any weird competitive vibes between families, etc. It can be really hard to have both families whispering to you about one another and having to be this weird in between defending both of them. It also can be really hard if you have a tough sleeper who has trouble sleeping in an environment other than the one they’re used to at home. 

But overall, I’ve found that in doing nanny shares I’ve been able to find people who are more gracious and appreciative of being able to have access to at home care for their kids, when they may have otherwise been unable to afford it. It means I’m not only working for the richest of the rich - folks who often take what you do for granted and think that it is owed to them. 


It’s time for our December fundraiser for the Chicago Zine Fest & oh my, it’s a good one! Our friends Ramsey Beyer, Neil Brideau, Lilli Carré, Nicole Georges, John Porcellino, and Suzy X have each created a special 1” button design just for CZF!

Want to get your hands on some awesome art by some of your favorite zinesters / comic artists and support CZF 2014 at the same time? It’s easy! Button packs (which are $5 + shipping for a pack of three) are available here!

I participated in this fundraiser for CZF! Get your button pack now and help support my favorite zine fest in the country.

Hey y’all! We’re currently seeking a roommate for Jan. 1st. We have a room freeing up and we’re looking for a good fit. 

Swoon City has a room available starting January 1st for $370.

The house is three floors with a usable basement (currently housing a drum set, Guy’s art studio, tools, storage stuff, and a washer and dryer but there’s plenty of space that isn’t being utilized if you needed room for making art or storage), 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big front porch. The room available is the largest one in the house and is on the second floor with bay windows and access out onto the roof. It’s a huge room.

A lot more details about the house and all of us can be found here:


Email everydaypants@gmail.com if you or someone you know might be interested! Thanks. 

Here’s a big string of pet portraits I’ve finished! I’m really humbled by the fact that so many people have been interested in commissioning a portrait from me and it’s been really fun to see all of the animals that come through my inbox. 

I’m booked up through Christmas, but if you’re interested in a portrait for any time after that, see the flyer above for info!