Transmission from Cosmic F.M., the only known radio station with a signal powerful enough to reach the moon and beyond. Highly recommended for lunar drives, etc.

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Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line

Broadcast - Still Feels Like Tears

The Cosmic Rays - Bye Bye Darling

The Bees - I Really Need Love

Silver Apples - I Have Known Love

Scott Walker - Sons of

The Savage Young Taterbug - Jacking Boy I Never Knew

Don Charles - Moonlight Rendezvous 

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Of All the Things We’ve Made

Hui Ohana - Sweet Lei Mokihana

Kraftwerk - Ohm Sweet Ohm

The Conet Project (excerpts) 

Mikey made a mix! Download it. He knows what he’s doing.

From 4th of July, when we went to see fireworks over the city at a park on Drexel’s campus

Comic-a-day: Day 4 of 31

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Anonymous asked:

favorite//essential zines? stay rad xxx


Here’s a weird thing about zines, I get most of mine when I go to zine fests, and that means I sort of get them in bulk at any given time. It’s pretty common that I’ll get a huge zine stack and then, I hate to admit this, the zines stay in that stack for months because it feels overwhelming - with the exception of my favorites and my friends zines. 

This sounds like an awful thing to admit, but it’s the shameful truth. I’m sure I have some incredible zines sitting in my collection that I’m totally unaware of. 

With that said, the zines I tend to recommend are the ones my friends make, because they’re the ones I readily devour.

Here are some off the top of my head. This is by no means a definitive list of favorites - just some I’ve really enjoyed lately:

Secret Bully & Habits of Being by Cynthia Schemmer
(creative non-fiction about nature, grief and a sense of place)

(SIDE NOTE: Cynthia is also the zine editor for the website The Le Sigh. That’s a great place to keep up with new stuff coming out: http://www.thelesigh.com)

Tongueswell by Jen Twigg
(personal anecdotes and self-reflection, written by a feminist football enthusiast, member of the Ambulars, Trekkie) 

Dig Deep by Heather Colby
(perzine at its best written by a librarian and Chicago Zine Fest organizer)

An introduction to Eating Your Heart Out by Laura Reeve (flash fiction in the style of magical realism.)

Let It Sink by Jim Joyce
(winding quick-paced, creative non-fiction) 

Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric by Sarah Rose
(very personal perzines about various times in the author’s life)

Blackout #3 by Tara Jay
(very personal perzine about trauma and memory)

Also currently reading the Truckface anthologies (in book format, but originally appeared as issues of a zine of the same name.) Good punchy creative non-fiction about LB’s life in Chicago as a public school teacher.

Comic zines:

As You Were
(punk comic anthologies - comics on a theme, written by punks) 

Liz Prince - I Swallowed The Key to my Heart 
(order it and also receive the preview zine for her new book, Tomboy, coming out in September!)

Emilja Frances - Ship of Fools

Jenna Brager - Sassyfras Circus

 Alec Longstreth - Phase 7

Corinne Mucha - Get Over It


Anonymous asked:

i'm heading to chicago for four days, what are the must-sees and dos while i am in town?


someone asks me this question like once a month and i get it, but also, i haven’t lived there in almost three and a half years. moratorium on this question. i’m out of touch with what’s going on and feel no connection to that place anymore. Someone else could give you a way better and more inspired/excited answer. Not meant to be rude, but I’m just not the person to answer Chicago questions anymore. 

Here’s the last answer I gave:


Here’s a silly one. True fact - when I’m walking down the street or sitting in my room or in the backyard, I usually am thinking about plants. I don’t know when or why this started happening, but it’s true.

Comic-a-day: Day 3 of 31
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My roommate was given a job offer he couldn’t refuse and it includes free housing that does not allow pets. He has made the hard decision to rehome his cats. He’s found great homes for the other two but Lucy, this big lovely lady, still needs a home. She’s sweet as can be and there’s a lot to love. Please get in touch and spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested in a cat. Time is running out and his move is on the horizon.

Here’s day 2 of my comic-a-day project for the month of July. 

This is not an exaggeration of how things went down, as you can see by the included photo documentation. 

Comic-a-day: Day 2 of 31

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Hi! I’ve been working on a comic-a-day for the month of July. I can’t reasonably draw and ink a whole comic every day (because I’m trying to do full pages rather than short strips) so I’ve decided to at least pencil a comic a day, and catch up with inking on weekends. 

That meant I couldn’t post as I went along, so I’m starting to post now! I’ll post a comic every few days. Not on a schedule necessarily because it’s summer and schedules aren’t fun. Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll also post them to my website as I post them here. So if you catch one on here you can always head over to my website to see any you may have missed. 

I’m not drawing on a theme really. They’re all just little daily quips so far for the most part.  Here’s the first one! Inspired by the 30 day Jillian Michaels challenge that I’m doing with my roommates Sam and Mikey (with no help from Rover.) 

Comic-a-day: Day 1 of 31

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Oh! Also! My roommate Laura was simultaneously doing a story-a-day on her tumblr. She writes weird flash fiction that is sort of inspired by magical realism. It rules. inhalves.tumblr.com. She decided to stop after 11 days but you should read the ones she already posted! The theme of this post is my roommates rule and we keep each other motivated.