Hi! I’ve been working on a comic-a-day for the month of July. I can’t reasonably draw and ink a whole comic every day (because I’m trying to do full pages rather than short strips) so I’ve decided to at least pencil a comic a day, and catch up with inking on weekends. 

That meant I couldn’t post as I went along, so I’m starting to post now! I’ll post a comic every few days. Not on a schedule necessarily because it’s summer and schedules aren’t fun. Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll also post them to my website as I post them here. So if you catch one on here you can always head over to my website to see any you may have missed. 

I’m not drawing on a theme really. They’re all just little daily quips so far for the most part.  Here’s the first one! Inspired by the 30 day Jillian Michaels challenge that I’m doing with my roommates Sam and Mikey (with no help from Rover.) 

Comic-a-day: Day 1 of 31

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Oh! Also! My roommate Laura was simultaneously doing a story-a-day on her tumblr. She writes weird flash fiction that is sort of inspired by magical realism. It rules. inhalves.tumblr.com. She decided to stop after 11 days but you should read the ones she already posted! The theme of this post is my roommates rule and we keep each other motivated.




I keep coming back to this and thinking what a rad photo it is

People I know make cool things. Always impressed.

New photoblog post! West Philly summer stuff, fourth of July, Swoon City the new class, etc

Lots more photos and commentary here:



HEY LOOK, our new record is up on bandcamp and for pre-order on Salinas Records! Feeling *so so blessed* to be in a band with my favorite musicians and best friends.

And thanks to Phoebe Bulkeley Harris for doing the cover! Check out more of her artwork here

Pre-order this now, then download it for some excellent summer jams made by people I really like.

Drawing my first comic in months and months and months. Doing a comic-a-day for July! Also - listening to the new Radiator Hospital. ✨


Tabling with my pal everydaypants at the Philly Feminist Zine Fest this past Saturday!

New calendar day! Thanks for the artwork @rillreal #diyphl

A little ode to fellow lady comic artists. Thanks @slowerblack!