Whoa! New photoblog post. It’s been a long time, but now that I have a new website I’m stoked to be photoblogging again. 

You can see a lot more photos and commentary here:

How Mikey and Rover fell asleep last night. 💘


Anonymous asked:

Just want to say your new site looks great!


Thanks! I haven’t really ‘announced’ it yet because I’m waiting for Monday to do that (oh, the internet.) but yeah, I’m super stoked about it!

If anyone wants a weekend peek, I have a new website and I’m super happy with it.



Anonymous asked:

hi! thank you so so much for answering my q on zines! so helpful and cool of you. I was wondering if i could bug you one more time? i work at a library (not a real librarian yet, i'm only 18 ;) ) and i'm working on a proposal to implement zines into our collection... as a zinester, what would you want in a zine collection at the library? what would you want out of it/for it too look like/ANY thoughts? so sorry to bother you again! stay rad x emma


Hey!  Hmm, this is an interesting question. I think the most interesting/important things to see in a library collection of zines would be a diverse range of authors, making sure there are zines from people of color, LGBTQ identified folks, people from various parts of the world, people of different ages, zines about disability, etc. I think this would be the most thoughtful use for a zine collection in a library. 

After that, I would look for a variety of types of zines, from comics to how-to, to political to music zines, with an emphasis on creative fiction or perzines (nonfiction), since it’s easy to find informative, how-to, etc in the library otherwise. In terms of a library’s role in making zines accessible, I’m less interested in looking for the most popular zines (which can be found in a lot of stores) and more interested in the widest variety of voices. 

Maybe others on tumblr could chime in? Also, if you haven’t already,  contact some other zine library collections out there and see what they think! I know Jenna Freedman would maybe have a lot to say on this topic (Barnyard Zine Library), and I know the Baltimore County Public Library (Cockeysville) has a good collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uyE3Npg_jM

I’m sure other libraries with zine collections would have great advice for how to write a good proposal to get zines in your library. It’s great that you’re trying to start this up. Good luck!

I got a new tattoo last night! A further example of how much more pleasant it can be to be tattooed by another woman. As a lady with a lot of tattoos, I’ve spent hours sitting in tattoo shops listening to some dumb stuff coming out of the mouths of bro’y tattoo dudes. Just sayin.

Check out Jessi Preston’s work! She tattoos out of Two Horses in Montreal but came for a guest spot at Hunter Gatherer in Philly.



Hey y’all! Looking for submissions for the second issue of the nanny zine we put out last year. Please re-post/spread the word however you’d like! 


Collecting submissions for The Hand That Rocks The Cradle #2, 

a zine about nannying, made by nannies!

Do you have a horror story? A highlight? A list of things you’ve learned? Reflections on whether or not you want to be a parent now that you’ve been a nanny? An experience specific to being a POC/LGBTQ caretaker? 

Being a nanny is a tough, but rewarding job. It’s heartwrenching, aggravating, awkward, hilarious, sweet, and very personal - it’s a job unlike many others. We all have a lot to say when we get together. Let’s put it all into a zine. 

Any and all contributions are appreciated. We’d like to get as many perspectives as possible. Feel free to compose your submissions vaguely or submit anonymously for yours or your nanny family’s protection. We’re looking for variety - writing, comics, art, etc. All are fair game.

This will be a half-sized zine, so please submit all contributions at 300dpi, 5.5x8.5 or leave the formatting up to us. 

Deadline: June 16th - to debut the zine at the Philly Feminist Zine Fest (June 28)

Submit all contributions to: nannyzine@gmail.com”

Just a friendly reminder! Sorry. These things have to happen when you do a submissions-based zine. 

This nine and a half year old still looks like a puppy half the time.



We’re really excited to announce the launch of the DIYPHL PA Share! 

Why a PA Share?
DIY PHL and its related programs/events hope to break down barriers to participation in our scene. Limited access to expensive gear is a hurdle that prevents many from setting up their own shows or events. To combat that we purchased a PA — complete with mixer, mics, stands, and all necessary cables — with community funds from First Time’s The Charm, an event that featured 17 brand new bands, each of which included a musician who had never played in a band before and emphasized diversity and inclusiveness.

For all the details of the PA Share, click here! 

We’ve been coordinating this the past month or so. It’s finally ready! Become a member if you’d like.

This is still going strong! 4 months in and the PA has been at 24 shows/events and has a bunch more scheduled for the future. 

Join now and borrow the PA for any show/event you can imagine. 


Y’all! DIY PHL finally has a new website! Much simpler, easy to use, and works well on your phone. http://www.diyphl.com/ Now you can submit your shows with your show flyer, and adding shows on our end is easier than ever which means it will get updated much faster and stay updated. It also will feature the monthly artwork each month.

Submit to your hearts content. Thanks soooo much to Sharp Hall for designing the new site.

Spread the word and submit your shows!

@danielpshea just posted this. I love it. 😌