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Hey! I finally got around to putting List 15 and Everydaypants #2 on-line for sale. I mean, right here. 

List 15 is $4.
This issue is about moving to a new city to try to move on from a past relationship and to try to find a place that feels like home. It’s about new figuring myself out, saying goodbye to the past, and opening new chapters. Some list samples are: big plans, things i miss/don’t miss about chicago, being a confident introvert, adventures in dating, all the things that have happened since list 14, traits i admire in other people, how i ended up in a relationship, the things i think are most important, places i’ve been and what i remember about them, and many more!

Everydaypants #2 is $3. (be warned, if you read my tumblr, you’ve seen all of these comics before. But it might be fun to see them in print!) 
I drew all of these comics throughout the year 2011, for various things, and wanted to see them all in one place and in print! This includes a selection of pages from a 115 page, long-term comic series I’ve been working on about my first year in Philadelphia (to be printed at the end of 2012). 
Everydaypants #2 is filled with short comics about music, diy, nannying, and moving to a new city. 
This is 24 pages, black and white, and saddle stitched! 

If you wanna order one, you can paypal monies to everydaypants@gmail.com or send me an ASK if you want to order through the mail, and I’ll give you my address. Non-creepers only, thanks. 

It’s also for sale on my etsy, but if you wanna just buy through me directly it saves me dumb etsy fees and I won’t charge for shipping. How about that? 

If you prefer etsy, however, my etsy shop is at http://everydaypants.etsy.com

Thanks buddies. 

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