Good buddies Alex Wrekk (of Stolen Sharpie Revolution and Brainscan zine) and Derek Neuland (of All Things Ordinary zine and Thirsty Dudes) are trying to start their own business, with a store front and everything! Here is their fundraising page.

Alex Wrekk and Derek Neuland have joined forces to create Portland Button Works and zine distro!  With a collective 15 years of button making experience and over a million buttons pressed, we feel our custom button making skills would be even more awesome if we worked together.  Both of our lives are very intertwined with zines. We are both fans and creators of zines and we are hosts of a zine podcast (Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast) and organizers of the Portland Zine Symposium, we thought it was natural for us to start a zine distro as a part of this new business.

Will Portland Button Works just be another custom button business and zine distro?  No, it will be much more than that! As well as an online store, we are also going to be opening a physical storefront with the next month or 2 in Portland, Oregon.  Along with zines and buttons (in three different sizes!) we will also offer people the ability to make their own buttons right there in the store.  Another unique thing we will be offering is same day service on custom button orders (which we think people will love as a last minute gift or great for bands traveling through who ran low on merch).  We have a lot of other tricks up our sleeves, such as bike delivery, button making parties in the store, and much more.

The rewards we are offering for your support of Portland Button Works range from receiving one of our zines, pre-ordering some of our fine custom products, or getting an exclusive 10%, 20%, or 25% off our custom items for life! Every little bit helps.

Consider tossing some money their way! There’s obviously a lot of overhead when you start something “legitimate” and it’s a big, scary risk for them to be taking!

Here is their fundraising page.

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