Bad Zine, Everyone’s Fault: A Zine Reading Tour!

Leslie Perrine, Xavier M, Heather C, and Jen Twigg are coming to your town for a night of zine readings and hangs this July on their way to the DC Zine Fest!

Check back on the facebook event page for updated details on venues & times!

7/20 - Chicago, IL
7/21 - Grand Rapids, MI
7/22 - Pittsburgh, PA
7/23 - Philadelphia, PA
7/24 - New York, NY
7/25 - Atlantic City, NJ
7/26 - Baltimore, MD
7/27 - Washington, DC

And of course, come to the DC Zine Fest on 7/28 at St Stephen’s Church!

Everyone go see this!

attn baltimore - i’m looking for another space to host this (the original one dropped the ball)! there are three local bands which would also like to play that night if at all possible.

B O O S T !

go see my buddies on tour!

Some of my alltime favorite Chicago people (and alltime favorite people, in general) are going on a reading tour this summer. Go support them! I’ll probably go see them in Pittsburgh, and of course, in Philly. I would go to DC too if I could but I’ll be at a wedding in Michigan. <3