I’ve mentioned before that I’m participating in a bowl-a-thon to raise money for the Women’s Medical Fund. As they so simply put it on their own website, “Without access to safe, legal abortion, “choice” is meaningless.” 

In an effort to raise more money for this event, I’ll make a custom drawing for anyone who donates $25! You can donate here:


Drawings will be 8in x 8in and I will send it to you in the mail (I’ll even pay for shipping!). You can either leave it up to me what to draw, or make a simple request. Be sure to include your email address in your donation and I will contact you in regards to your drawing. 

Did you know philanthropic celebrities and corporations are less likely to donate to organizations that provide abortion services because it’s considered too controversial? Even celebrities and organizations that are avidly pro-choice. 

Did you know that Pennsylvania’s 24-hour waiting period means that women must make two separate trips to the clinic, one for counseling and one for the procedure, which also doubles the complications and expense of taking time off from work, arranging for child care, and securing transportation.

"Women’s Medical Fund provides direct financial assistance and other support to low-income women and girls in Southeastern Pennsylvania who wish to terminate a pregnancy but cannot afford a safe, legal abortion.

In addition to supplying direct aid to low-income women, WMF educates health care professionals about the use of Medicaid to fund abortion, and raises public awareness of the devastating impact of denying access to safe legal abortions.”