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Sometimes I mention this other project I work on. This is what it is! 

Every month, three friends and I (Max, Grace and Mikey) put together a calendar of all the DIY shows going on in Philly! It’s really rad to get to see everything that’s happening, organized all in one spot. 

Each month we ask a different artist to contribute artwork for the calendar. It’s always fun and surprising to see what people come up with. 

This project rules and I’m really glad we’ve stuck with it. 


This is most of them except the very first few. You can see the rest of the calendars here: http://destrodelphia.com/DIYPHL/print-calendars/

We’ve been doing this for 14 months!

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    DIY PHL is rad; glad to have been involved in even a tiny way
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    14 months of badass calendars. Anyone wanna drink iced coffees and tack some up on Frankford with me?
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    This is my elaborate revenge on Facebook or something like that. Anyway, neat. I’m glad I help with this thing.
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    I get to do the art for june I’m so excited. this is the most productive thing that has happened to this city in the...
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