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Whooooooa. Ladyfest is this weekend! Click the above image for all the info. Are you coming? Did you know at least 20 women in Philly have been hard at work for months and months putting together this incredibly well-organized event? The fact that there are that many active, productive women in the Philly DIY scene is something to celebrate in itself. As someone who has been a part of scenes in different cities where women were not made to feel as vital or important (which discouraged them from WANTing to participate - it wasn’t at all that they weren’t interested or motivated enough - I’ve met and worked alongside of some of the most incredible women in Baltimore and Chicago), or at least weren’t always as visible in their roles, it’s needless to say that I’m stoked on Philly and the things that are going on here. Not only do women participate, they’re active, involved, and respected within our community. They help shape the community here. They don’t just participate in one that’s shaped and largely run by men. 


Come show your support! It’s not really about whether you’re into the bands that are playing or whether you do or don’t like to attend workshops. It’s just as much about saying “we see what’s happening here and we want it to keep happening, and to happen even more.”

On top of that, it’s a benefit for really important organizations in Philly, Project SAFE and Women In Transition. 

I’ll be doing a workshop on autobio comics tomorrow at noon with Liz Prince. I’ll also be running the Ladyfest merch table tonight as a volunteer, and hanging out for most of the weekend. 


Also, read this article that came out yesterday! It’s great. 

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    See you tonight, Philly!
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    I’m reading tomorrow at 3:30 at the Rotunda as a part of Ladyfest! so stoked!
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