Amanda and I ended up finishing the nanny zine in time for DC Zine Fest! 

It was really fun putting this together and we were really surprised how many submissions we got in the really short timeframe we set. We received 15 lengthy submissions in only two weeks! As a result, we are considering doing a second issue because a lot of people said they would have loved to submit if they had a little more time. 

But here it is! The first issue of the nanny zine is 55 pages with letterpressed covers. 

It’s filled with essays and comics and illustrations in equal measure - some stories are funny, some are awkward, some are thoughtful, and many are a little sad. We included all the submissions we received, without edits. I have a 5 page comic in it that I’ll post here later today.

You can order it by paypalling $4 to (be sure to include your shipping address), or you can order it on etsy if you prefer that (though then you’ll have to pay shipping!)


Contributors include: 
Cynthia Schemmer (
Emma Louthan
Taylor Hand (
Matt Graupman (
Erika Bronson
Ramsey Everydaypants (
Cate S.
j.D. Stokely
Jen Deuel
Jaclyn Miller (,
Marlo Koch (
Amanda Mello
Leslie Perrine (
and several anonymous submitters